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App Feature Concept & User Flow

My role: Proposed feature flow to help air travelers track luggage using their phones, without access to an airline app. Created in eight hours.  

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Showing the process & thinking behind a low-fidelity interaction flow. 

1/ Breakdown the ask

1/ Breakdown the ask


2/ Ideas are sparked

2/ Ideas are sparked

Interpreting & framing the problem helps get the ideas flowing. Experience creating products in the past sparks potential options right away.


3/ An approach is formed

3/ An approach is formed

Decisions & Assumptions

Decisions & Assumptions

Progressive web app allows user to access via web site.

QR code facilitates quick access to the site.

Push notifications communicate without extra work from the user.

Position the product as a third-party service that is airline-agnostic.

Benefits airlines by covering patrons that don’t have the airline app and provides another positive interaction with customers.

Will need airline cooperation for communication, signage and bag tag integration.

4/ Inspo from research

4/ Inspo from research

Do your research! Seek out reference and inspiration for proof of concept & design ideas.


5/ Sketch the structure

5/ Sketch the structure

The fastest way to get a concrete grasp of the ideas swirling in your mind is to sketch them out on paper / in real life.


6/ User flow

6/ User flow

Wireframes illustrate how the user gets from the start page to the end and meets their goals.


7/ Time to test!

7/ Time to test!


* Always be closing


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